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A good product review is based on research and knowledge of a product, and a balanced assessment of its benefits and flaws.
Market Research
We conduct as much research as possible before we begin writing. A thorough knowledge of the product, its evolution and its competition allows us to write an expert review.
Identifying key features
Go through different features and based on that shortlist products / services. We read the manufacturer's website and informations included with the product we are reviewing.
Selecting products
We Buy or Rent products for review directly from the manufacturer or retailer.
Manual testing
We believe in using and getting to know the product we are are reviewing. This is perhaps the most important aspects of writing a product review.
We explain the functionality of the product in detail. We talk about what we liked AND what we didn't like about the product. We discuss the product under review in light of similar products available to buyers, comparing the pros and cons of each.
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